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Houston Methodist, Houston Grand Opera Collaboration

Houston Methodist Center for Performing Arts Medicine, in partnership with Houston Grand Opera, explored the healing power of music during a three day music therapy residency in the HMH psychiatric…

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25th Anniversary Innovation Series - Music Therapy

The first of the 25th Anniversary Innovation Series Presentations in 2021 focused on our Music Therapy Department, led by Jennifer Townsend. The department has grown organically into one of the most…

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Sound Dome: New Application as part of the In Patient Psychiatric Clinic

Building and practicing a customized mood modulation song list with a Music Therapist is part of the routine care at Houston Methodist's In Patient Psychiatric Clinic. The Sound Dome, a…

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Houston Methodist Pathway to Unparalleled: Innovation, The Sound of Healing

Music Therapy, used to support patients in the Bone Marrow Transplant Clinic at Houston Methodist, was profiled by Hospital leadership for its unique, innovative service and impact.

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Neurologic Music Therapy Speech (MIT: Melodic Intonation Therapy)

Melodic Intonation Therapy (MIT) is a commonly used technique to support speech when the articulation of speech is impaired

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Music Therapy Gait Training - In-Patient Rehabilitation

A commonly used Rehabilitation application, Gait Training, shown here at Houston Methodist Hospitals In-Patient Rehabilitation Clinic

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CPAM_20th Anniversary

Overview of the Center for Performing Arts Medicine on its 20th anniversary year in 2016

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Environmental Music Therapy

Learn about the use of Environmental Music Therapy (EMT), the purposeful use of music transform the mood of a unit by utilizing live music to address the physical, psychological, and cultural needs…

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A Day Inside Houston Methodist Hospital's Music Therapy Program

Learn how the music therapy team in the Center for Performing Arts Medicine at Houston Methodist has become an intricate part of the patient's care, with a particular highlight on its positive…

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