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Career Development Mentoring Documents for F&K Awards 04.26.22

This 60-minute lecture is designed to support individuals applying for post-doctoral fellowships and mentored K awards. Participants will learn how to create a description of your mentor’s…

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Advanced Research Strategy 04.19.22

In this 90-minute workshop led by Dorothy E. Lewis, PhD, the research strategy will be examined in depth. Participants should bring their research strategy to go over background, innovation and…

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Advanced Specific Aims 03.29.22

In this workshop, key aspects of specific aims are discussed; how specific aims patterns are identified and used to examine attendees specific aims as to content and impact.

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Introduction to Research Strategy 03.22.22

In this 60-minute lecture, an overview of components of the research strategy of an NIH grant will be discussed. How to bring out the significance and innovation will be stressed, as well as the…

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Intro to Components of an NIH Grant-How to Use NIH RePORTER 03.15.22

In this 60-minute lecture, Dorothy Lewis, PhD, will introduce components of a typical NIH grant, cover the most important parts of the grant that are considered in the score, and focus on the…

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01 Key Elements of Clinical Research: Defining a Clinical Research Hypothesis 09.15.20

Defining a Clinical Research Hypothesis 09.15.20

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