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Short Course Antibiotic Therapy with Dr. Brad Spellberg

Dr. Spellberg discusses the studies showing short courses of antibiotics are just as efficient as long courses in some infections.

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State of the Department of Medicine

Dr. Richard Robbins updates the Department on the 2021 year in review of the Department of Medicine

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CPC - 50 Year Old Male with Febrile Neutropenia with Dr. Cesar Arias

Dr. Arias will work a mystery case along with an internal medicine resident to come up with a diagnosis.

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Defining and Achieving Diagnostic Excellence with Dr. Hardeep Singh

Dr. Singh discusses framework and approaches to measure and mitigate diagnostic errors.

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Assessment of Chest Pain in 2022 with Dr. Mouaz Al-Mallah

Dr. Al-Mallah with discuss current guidelines of chest pain evaluation as well as different imaging modalities in the assessment of chest pain.

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Gender Equity in Compensation and Career Advancement in Medicine with Dr. Julia Andrieni, Dr. Melina Awar, and Dr. Archana Sadhu - 12.14.21

Gender equity, professional opportunity concerns, and harrassment is discussed with regards to the department of medicine and nationally throughout the United States among practicing physicians and…

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CPC: 71 Year Old Male with Recurrent Anemia with Dr. Siddarth Ganguly -11.30.21

Dr. Ganguly and 2nd year residents work through limited laboratory and pathological findings of a mystery case to determine a diagnosis.

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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and You: Driving Positive Changes at Houston Methodist with Arianne Dowdell, JD - 10.12.21

Ms. Dowdell discusses who we need to consider to advance DEI at Houston Methodist as well as the importance of cultural competence and the different ways we are advancing DEI and how to drive…

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Heart Failure and Diabetes: Getting Closer to the Sweet Spot with Dr. Anita Deswal - 10.5.21

Dr. Deswal describes the epidemiology of heart failure and type 2 diabetes mellitus and the impact of diabetes mellitus and its control on heart failure outcomes. She will also interpret the data on…

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Transcatheter Mitral Valve Interventions with Dr. Sachin Goel - 10.26.21

Dr. Goel discussed the role of mitral transcatheter edge to edge repair (TEER) in mitral regurgitation and various newer technologies that are on the horizon in the field of transcatheter mitral…

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Transplant Oncology: An Evolving Field in Cancer Care with Dr. Maen Abdelrahim - 11.2.21

Dr. Abdelrahim will discuss the concept of Transplant Oncology, the paradigm shift in multidisciplinary GI cancer treatment, and the emerging Concepts in Transplant Oncology.

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Aducanumab for the Treatment of Alzheimer's Disease with Dr. Gustavo Roman - 11.16.2111.16.21

Dr. Roman discusses the rationale for the use of monoclonal antibodies in Alzheimer’s Disease. He will also discuss two main side effects of the treatment: ARIA-E and ARIA-H and how to advise…

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COVID-19: An Overview of Current Epidemiology Vaccination Recommendations, and Outpatient Therapies with Dr. Jose Romero - omero 10.12.21

Dr. Romero will discuss how Arkansas has approached distribution of anti-spike protein mAbs and its attempt for equitable access as well as the shifting epidemiology of COVID-19 in the US and its…

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Neutralizing Monoclonal Antibody Therapy for COVID-19

Dr. Huang discusses the biological rationale and indication for neutralizing monoclonal antibody therapy in ambulatory patients with COVID-19 infections

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Inflammatory Bowel Disease and Atherosclerotic Cardiovascular Disease with Dr. Kerri Glassner - 6.15.21

Dr. Glassner discusses the basics of IBD, epidemiological links supporting association between IBD and ASCVD, and the potential mechanisms involved in the IBD-ASCVD link Implications for preventive…

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Atrial Fibrillation with Dr. Miguel Valderrabano - 5.11.21

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Clostridioides difficile with Kevin Garey, PharmD 5.4.21

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Sleep Medicine for the Non-Sleep Physician with Dr. Faisal Zahiruddin - 4.27.21

Dr. Zahiruddin will discuss common risk factors and clinical challenges among patients with sleep disorders. He will discuss the clinical approaches in testing, diagnosis, and management of common…

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Food Allergies with Dr. Helen Wang - 04.13.21

Dr. Helen Wang discusses food allergies versus food sensitivities and when it would be appropriate to refer a patient to an allergist. Dr. Wang also discusses the current testing and treatment…

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An Update in Hospital Medicine with Dr. Victor Narcisse - 04.06.21

Dr. Narcisse gives us an update in hospital medicine since the start of the pandemic.

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